Alexis Wolfer “The Female Beauty MacGyver” – Interview + New Book

When it comes to beauty, fashion, fitness and wellness, you might not find more multidimensional threat than Alexis Wolfer. Since founding The Beauty Bean in 2010 (Forbes Magazine Top 10 Women’s Lifestyle Websites), she has been on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Today Show, E!, The Doctors, and Teen Vogue just to name a few. With a new book in stores worldwide, it seems like this is just the beginning of Alexis’s amazing career. I was blessed to get a phone interview with Alexis recently, and it was truly a pleasure. From her vibrant personality to her down-to-earth, creative beauty techniques, this question & answer is a must read for any fans, supporters or beauty & fitness lovers.

AlexisWolfer has been very successful. What led you to create

 So really came from my desire for a Women’s media platform that would be positive and empowering instead of predicated on this idea of having to make women feel crappy about themselves in order to sell them things.  I just felt like women were above that and smarter than that. I have my Masters in Human Rights & Women’s Studies from Columbia and a background in Women’s lifestyle editorial.

In grad school when I wrote my graduation school thesis on women’s magazines and their influence on body image & eating disorders, which was something I have troubled with in my past and I just felt like there had to be a better way. My thesis kind of became the business model for the Beauty Bean and that was about 6 years ago now.

Explain how you got your nickname the Female Beauty MacGyver.

 I’ve always kind of headed to my kitchen or experimented with beauty remedies & recipes, particularly those using food. It’s what led me to write my first book “The Recipe for Radiance”. That was the nickname that Access Hollywood had actually given me when I was sharing some DIY beauty remedies with them and showing them how they could make beauty solutions all using food in their kitchen.

Your new book The Recipe for Radiance: Discover Beauty’s Best-Kept Secrets in Your Kitchen is available now worldwide. Why is it a must-read for anyone to improve their beauty routine?

 The Recipe for Radiance really gives women all of the tools they need in order to support their nature beauty inside and out. It’s half recipes that promote beauty from within, so food recipes that you’re going to cook in your kitchen and eat that support your beauty, and half recipes for topical homemade remedies all using food, so things like body scrubs, fface masks and hair masks.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. Everything that we eat creates all of the cells that create our skin and our hair and our nails, and when you’re not eating well your beauty routine is going to suffer also. So I think a lot of women end up being on these diets thinking that when you lose weight that that’s going to be beautiful, when really that’s really counter to everything. When you’re crash dieting your skin is sallow, your hair might be falling out, but really eating in a way that supports your beauty is one of the best ways to really boost your radiance from the inside out.

Listen to the full answer here: 

What is one thing that you would love to tell your fans that they probably wouldn’t know by following you online?
Ooohh..Umm..probably I don’t really wear very much make up, and I have a pretty simple skincare routine. I think people think because I work in the beauty industry or that this is my life, that I’m extraordinarily high maintenance, *laughs* and it’s kind of the opposite of that which I always find interesting. I find it particularly interesting that a lot of the PD editors that I’m friendly with are also the same way, you know, put a lot of the focus on diet and skincare and being healthy, but a lot less of a focus on makeup and, you know, spending hours on doing your hair etc.. That’s not to say if you enjoy those things like by all means go for it, but, currently talking to you I’m wearing sweatpants and my hair is in a bun *laughs*, you know, I’m considerably  less high-maintenance then most of you probably think.


 What has been the most rewarding moment of your career so far?

 I’m torn between…The second year that The Beauty Bean was created we were named to Forbes Magazine’s Top 10 Lifestyle Websites for Women and that was a really powerful moment of realizing that not only were we getting fans, but also the industry was starting to take notice of what we were doing and that was really rewarding; And then when my book came out I went to the Barnes & Noble in New York and I was there for the launch. It was the first time I had seen the book on the shelf and that was really really rewarding.

Who are some of your favorite music artists at the moment?

 I’ve been really loving the new Dawes album; And then, I’ve recently been introduced to the War on Drugs and Volcano Choir, and they’ve quickly become part of my rotation. I have very different music that I listen to when I work out, usually like some sort of 80’s grunge or early 90’s grunge. But, when I’m working or writing I find that those artists are kind of my go-to’s right now.

 What are your goals for 2015 and beyond?

I’m currently writing a second book that’s gonna be called “The Radiant Bride” and that’s gonna come out in December of 2015. It’s a bridal beauty book that’s going to take women from engagement to honeymoon with their beauty diet and their fitness routine and picking the most flattering dress, and all those things that women want to feel and look their best on their wedding day. That’s really been my focus right now. I am also always looking to expand the beauty bean and continue to see other opportunities for me to connect with people and help them in whatever way I can help.

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Her New Book!

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Kim Kardashian. Gwyneth Paltrow. Victoria Beckham. Paris Hilton. All known for their incredible skin, they are just a few of the celebrities that have recently attributed stem cell skincare to their gorgeous complexion. is spearheading this new trend with an online shop dedicated to bringing the latest technology to consumers.

“Science is always advancing, why shouldn’t your beauty products?” questions the Director of Operations at “Most products on the shelves are outdated” he explains “whereas we take a different approach to find a formula that works with your body, reinvigorating stem cells to provide actual results.”


Stem cells hold the key to the body’s natural healing powers, which is why they are so frequently talked about in today’s society. Stem Cell Beauty’s most popular brand, StemLife, uses trademarked FixT Technology to regenerate stem cells. While the products do not contain full stem cells, they provide molecules and peptides from adult stem cells, combined with other natural ingredients such as green tea leaf extract and grapefruit peel.

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Beauty Blogger Spotlight! – Mallory Cornelison Interview

If you are a beauty fanatic and aren’t following any Youtube Vloggers yet, you are missing out.

Specifically, if you are unfamiliar with up-and-coming Youtube sensation Mallory Cornelison, let us change that now. Boasting 1,800,000+ views and 27,000+ subscribers on her increasingly popular Youtube Channel, “Mallory1712” is a force to be reckoned within the beauty industry.



Her extremely likeable demeanor is evident in every video she posts, and her style of video blogging hits home with the large audience she built from scratch. Fresh off major recognition from Allure Magazine as “First Runner Up” in the Beauty Blogger Awards, we caught up with Mallory to ask her some unique questions that her dedicated fanbase will surely enjoy.

Congrats on the First Runner Up Award in Allure Magazine’s Beauty Blogger Awards 2014. Besides this, what is your favorite accomplishment so far in your blogging/vlogging career?

My favorite accomplishment has to be the relationships I have formed with my viewers! I don’t feel that they are just a faceless audience, but a second family to me. That is why I am so enthusiastic to share all the products I am loving with them, because it feels like good ol’ girl talk.
Your blog is titled “Beauty and The Arthritis?” How come?
I haven’t been active on my blog for almost a year, but am hoping to pick it back up once I am settled after moving. It is titled “Beauty and The Arthritis” because I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and Behcet’s Disease almost six years ago, but I did not want it to define and stop me from achieving my dreams as a beauty blogger. Beauty blogging/vlogging is a great outlet for me to forget my symptoms, and focus on the beauty in life.  I was planning to expand my blog into a health and beauty platform, and still hope to in the near future.
Which music artists do you listen to the most?
The funny thing is, I just shared on my channel in the “TMI Tag” that I don’t really like music. I just don’t find that it is something I think about, or have to listen to. If I am listing to music, I am usually listening to Needtobreathe or some worship/gospel music. I love uplifting, and encouraging music about the Lord, and struggles in life, so that is why if I am going to listen to music, it is usually positive music with a message.
Which social media website is your favorite? Why?
My absolute favorite social media platform is Pinterest! Hands down! I love that it is a platform that I can escape in, but still share the things I love with others, and vice versa.
What’s your favorite thing about video blogging?
My absolute favorite thing is the interaction with my viewers! I love to have conversations about beauty products, and life in general with them. Like I said, they are like a second family, so it is a joy for me to converse back and forth with them about the things they love!
What is one thing that you would love to tell fans of your blog, that they probably wouldn’t know by following you online?
I think the one thing they wouldn’t know is that my handle mallory1712 actually has a meaning! Mallory is of course my name, but the numbers have a bit of a special meaning for me. 17 is my husband’s favorite number, and 12 is my favorite number, so I just combined them, and now am reminded of our simple yet great love every time I log in. We are high school sweethearts, and have been married for almost 7 years, and as cheesy as it is, we are pretty romantic hearted in the small things.
What is the best advice you could give upcoming beauty bloggers & vloggers?
The best advice I can give is BE YOURSELF, and stay true to who you are, no matter how much negativity comes with not conforming to what others expect you to be. I always say that if you aren’t yourself, everyone is missing out on your uniqueness. There is only one of you in this world, so be the best version of you, and not a hologram of someone else.
What are your goals for 2014, 2015 and beyond?
My ultimate goal is to just keep growing my extended “beauty family”, and enjoy each day as it comes. If it weren’t for them, I would not be what I am today. If everything stayed the same in the next 2 years and beyond, I would still be happy with where I am because I truly love what I do. I have such a passion for what I do, so the fact I get to share it with others just keeps fueling that passion.
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Youtube Celebrity Timothy “Traphik” Delaghetto Pays His Parent Mortgage In This EPIC Youtube Video

Tim Chantsarangu aka Timothy Delaghetto is already a bonafied celebrity. His Youtube has over 576,000,000 views, he is a regular on the MTV show Wild ‘n Out and he is a largely successful rapper. What else could he possibly do to stay winning? Pay of his parents mortgage, of course. Watch below for a sensational act of love, in which Traphik pays off his parents house.

If you are unfamilar with Timothy Delaghetto, make sure you get familiar ASAP because he is already a Youtube legend. His comedy sketches feature the likes of Raekwon, Bobby Lee and more. He was a vital member of the MC Showcase, a viral rap-tag cypher started by An0maly in which he showcases his crazy-likable rap style. He is now an MTV regular, sharing the stage weekly with Hollywood’s biggest stars. Tim is a jack-of-all-trades, and this looks to be just the beginning. What is next for this superstar? Make sure to follow him on his social media and find out.





7 Most Awesome Quotes About Love and Beauty

You’re beautiful! No really, you are. In case you forgot, here are seven really awesome quotes about beauty to remind you.



Lucille Ball is without a doubt one of the coolest women to ever grace the planet. What’s her advice?

Love yourself first and everything else will fall into line. Beautiful.



Cosmetic icon Francois Nars speaks the truth. Be confident! It’s glamorous.


Audrey Hepburn aka the Queen of Quotes agrees. Happy girls are the prettiest!
No matter what you wear, never leave the house without a smile.


Gwyneth Paltrow shows her humorous side in this quote. Hilarious!


L.W. Gilbert hints that the more in tune with nature you are, the more in tune you will be with yourself. Interesting.


Janelle Monae nails it. Products aren’t meant to CHANGE you. They are meant to ENHANCE you!

Let YOU shine through!


Everyone deserves love. Amy Poehler says you’ll get it!!

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Paris Hilton: The Latest Celebrity Raving About Stem Cell Skin Care Products

Paris Hilton is many things: hotel heiress, worldwide celebrity, recording artist (currently signed to Lil Wayne’s label Young Money) and fashion designer. With such a busy schedule the question everybody wants to know is: How does she maintain such beautiful skin?
Paris recently opened up to Elle in an interview for her new extravagant video “Come Alive”. They bluntly asked her “Can we talk about your skin?” and Paris didn’t hesitate to spill her secret.

“I take really good care of my skin. Something that my mom always taught me since I was a teenager is to stay out of the sun. Always wear sunblock, always wash off your makeup, and put on amazing eye creams, and moisturizers, and serums.”


Some solid advice. But what types of eye creams, moisturizers and serums is she using?

“stem cell products. I have a serum that has active stem cells in it..” Paris explained.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Stem Cell Beauty products work! The reason being is simple. As you get older, your body loses stem cells, molecules etc. What Stem Cell Beauty aims to do is reactivate your body’s natural healing powers by giving it what it wants and needs. Make sense, right? That is why Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian West, Gwyneth Paltrow and new addition Paris Hilton are all crediting stem cell-based skin care products as their go-to item!

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Vance Joy Sends A “Riptide” Throughout The World Of Snapchat

If you are into social media and the latest applications, then you have surely heard of Snapchat. Today, singer Vance Joy popped up in everyone’s feed via Team Snapchat in what looks like to be a mass promotion of his music.

What exactly does this mean? Either the creators of Snapchat are huge fans of his music, or his marketing team paid Snapchat a massive amount of money for the feature. Most likely the second but either way, the entire world of Snapchat has heard his roar.

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Who is Mario Gotze’s Girlfriend? Meet Ann-Katherin Brommel

Mario Gotze was the hero of the World Cup yesterday, netting the winning goal for Germany in the last minutes of extra time. His girlfriend, Ann Katherin Brommel, is a self-proclaimed model, singer, and fashion-lover. The sizzling picture below, confirms that she is at bare minimum doing modeling right.



She loves to cook and travel, and says that her goal is to become a Victoria Secret model. Her favorite music? Pop. Given that Rihanna was partying with the German team last night, maybe Ann picked up a tip or two about advancing her music career. All in all, she must be one of the happiest girls in the world right now! Check out here social media pages to learn more about her, and until next World Cup, joga bonita.

Victoria Beckham Uses Stem Cell Beauty Products? So She Tweets!!

When it comes to having beautiful skin, it’s no stretch to say that Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham is one of the leading ladies. How does she get such flawless skin? What seemed like a secret beforehand, may have just revealed itself via this sexy starlet’s twitter.

Victoria Beckham Skin Twitter

Stem cell beauty products, you don’t say!! It seems that Victoria Beckham is joining the likes of Kim Kardashian West and Gwyneth Paltrow when it comes for her love of stem cell-based serums. When it comes to skin, these ladies usually come to mind when I think of lovely complexion. It’s no wonder that online shops like  have started to surface, aiming to supply the booming demand for these new technologically advanced cosmetics.

If you’re still confused about what exactly stem cell products do, check out the FAQ Page of our blog. Of course all stem cell beauty product companies use different ingredients, but this will give you a start at getting a feel for them. Get familiar soon, the future of the beauty industry lies in the hands of products like these!

Inexpensive Summer Dresses, Cheap Summer Shoes, On Sale Summer Skirts |Girl & Women’s Guide to July-August 2014

The summer of 2014 is upon us, and having the right clothes is essential. The sun revolves around the sundress (it’s practically science), and without the right shoes to match, you might be out of luck. Here are a few fashion steals to look beautiful, sexy and in-style this season.


Summer Dress

Above is a beautiful sleeveless dress for women from, on sale for only 7.94! Low cost, beautiful and stylish.


Summer Shoes

These shoes pictured are only 13.41 from! Great deal


Summer Skirts

Above is a full-length pink summer skirt, for only 15.43 on! This is a great summer pick up if you’re trying to save money, and shine!

Just remember when shopping online to ALWAYS check the ratings and see what other customers are saying. Of course with prices like these, you don’t have much to lose! But it’s always nice to see a 4-5 star rating, and a lot of positive reviews. I hope these helps you look and feel beautiful this summer, or at bare minimum gives you an idea of where to shop for some inexpensive gems! Enjoy